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     Martinez, L (Due Dic 2023) "El tacto como acto cinematográfico" in IMAGO ISSN: 2171-0147

🔗 Martinez, L. (2022) "Individualidades colaborantes: Anhilitation no es otra distopía" in Arte ecosocial: otras maneras de hacer, pensar y sentir (eds. Tonia Raquejo y Veronica Perales. pp.202-222. ISBN: 978-84-17121-50-1

🔗 Martinez, L. (2020) "Far away Blue" in Drawing a Mountain by Laura F. Gibellini.pp17-20 Studio Hudson: NY ISBN:781624621819

🔗 Martinez, L (2020) "Un cruce entre lo poético y lo político para tiempos de conflicto" Review of Peydró,G (2019) "Cinema about Art"  in Archivos de la Filmoteca, n.78, pp.186-190. ISSN: 0214-6606 / eISSN: 2340- 2156


🔗 Martinez, L (2019) "To fall or to float: A cinematographic history of a paradigm shift in stability and the disappearance of the ground" in L'Atalante Revista de Estudios cinematográficos ISSN digital edition: 2340-6992   


🔗 Martinez, L (2018) "The centrifuged gaze: a paradigm shift in the notion of stable horizon through cinematographic representation" in Goya. ISSN : 0017-2715.

🔗 Martinez, L (2017) "Mário Peixoto's Limite: A Visual Strategy of Resistance Against the Contemporary Paradigm of Ilimitation" in Archivos de la Filmoteca, n.73 .ISSN: 0214-6606 / eISSN: 2340-2156

🔗 Martinez, L (2016) "Crashing against the Surface" in Exceptional exceptions, HipoTesis ISSN electrónico: 2340-5147.  

🔗 Martinez, L (2012) "Cuaderno de Trabajo" in Análisis de Formas II , AXA, ISSN:1889-5461 

🔗 Martinez, L (2012) Working With Hands, Athens workshop UPM.Ed. Maireia.ISBN 9788494002090 

🔗 Martinez, L (2011) "A clear touch in the dark threshold of sense...” in HipoTesis,Hipo 1,Sobre las manos ISSN: 2340-5147 


🔗 Martinez, L (2011) "Tocar es límite" in HipoTesis, Hypo 1, ISSN:1989-8576




🔗 PhD dissertation. Honours with International Mention "The Cinematographic frame: a study of the limit in the two-dimensional image". Dir. Atxu Amman Alcocer. Polytechnic University of Madrid (U.P.M)



🔗  Conference En el aire, un texto, respira. Seminar Writing as a visual Art. R+D GIAT. (TAI, 2023)

🔗  Conference Con-tacto. Límite, tacto y cuerpo en el cine de Antonioni. Seminario Gestualidad en las narrativas audiovisuales. Fundación BilboArte. Bilbao 2021


🔗  Conference "Horizontas: a dicussion about limit" in the Postgraduate programme  of Fine Arts in Fine Arts School of Ioannina (UoI). Greece// 2021. 

🔗  Conference Frontiers and limits between photography and Cinema. Plural19: Vivir en una imagen. Vivir por una foto, Vivir en un fotograma Escuela internacional de Fotografía y Cine EFTI//2019 


🔗 Conference #Tag­it Ergo Sum: the deconstruction of language and the architecture of the global self // Ways of tagging: archive of the new collective self.

Fine Arts School of Ioannina. Greece//2019 


🔗 Conference Peripathetic Photograph­-e Espacio CRUCE Arte y Pensamiento//2019         


🔗 Conference The Limit in Photography. Escuela internacional de Fotografía y Cine EFTI//2019   (video)


🔗 Conference Artist talk Lola Martínez and Will Thomson. Art Rooms. London//2016 


🔗 Conference Portrait of a Critical Mass PHOTOETSAM’13. Píldoras Fotográficas E.T.S.A.M( U.P.M)//2013 


    Congress International Workshop COAC // 2011 “Architecture, Research and Profession”(Barcelona, Spain) 


🔗 Congress “II Encontro Internacional sobre Educaçao Artística" // 2012.

Acerca de implicaçao da acçao na construçao de narrativas contemporáneas” (Porto, Portugal).



🔗 R+D Writing as a visual Art (2022 - Currently)

Principal investigator

🔗 R+D Embodied Cognition (U.C.M) 2019 - 2021)

Member. Invited Professor

🔗 R+D Hypermedia 2011-2013 (U.P.M)

Member. Invited Professor






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