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This artwork of art has been created expressly for the closing of the Young Leaders 23 program as an object of memory and recognition of the participants who completed it between September 2022 and June 2023. The artist, Lola Martínez, has reflected, starting from the essence of the program, about the relevance of the human side in a demanding and changing reality. The hand is the foundation that ensures a sustainable leadership that supports, sustains and assumes the design of one's own future and that of others. The hand is presented from care, from the need to create vibrant strokes that set the pace of growth as people. The strokes represented in this piece of art, inspired by oriental calligraphy, are built not based on the gesture but on the breath of the artist who represents the experience and draws the creative, disruptive and energetic soul of the Young Leaders. This dialogue that occurs in the artwork between photography and drawing also generates a dialectical space between logic and creativity, mechanics and craft, the human and the digital perspective, which are the great challenges for the leaders of the future.

Artwork made by the polymer photogravure process. Size 36 x 30 cm, printed in two inks on Japanese paper and Velin Arches 100% cotton engraving base paper. Series of 225 expressly made for the closing of the Young Leaders programme 2023 of Santander Foundation. 2023

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