Límite - horizon

Behind Event Horizon 2018



This project is based on the idea of Event Horizon as the last limit of the visible.

After a famous conference by Stephen Hawking, "Black holes aint as black as they painted"​ where he stablished that maybe some information could in fact pass throughout the black hole into another universe.

So I started questioning what would it look like, the other side of a black hole, or just the inside. 

I also related the camera obscura pinhole with the black hole itself. at some extent they are both little holes who concentrate and suck the light inside of them, and when inside it feels that there is only blackness but in fact there are this beautiful images that the light information passing through the hole creates. So a proposed visualization of what the inside of a black hole would look like, and therefore explore beyond the limit of visibility.

So the purpose os this specific project is the use of art as a visualization of the invisible, or in this case, the exact limit of visibility, by definition.


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