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They say that each black bird is the spirit of a climber who couldn't come down of the wall. When dawn breaks, the sun rises behind the ridge and casts a shadow in the shape of a perfect triangle. The silence is overwhelming. It is 3970 meters of limestone and 1800 meters climbable, if you survive the attempt. Now it does not seem so. It looks like a friendly mountain surrounded by colorful paragliders accompanied by the shouts of joy of its users. But not for nothing is it called the oger. Mountains are chosen for their beauty but climbed for their history, said Jordi Pons, member of one the first spanish expeditions to summit the Eiger. It is itself a black bird with no wings. Unable to fly, but when the wind blows, you can definitely hear it sing.

The entire series has been awarded in the Professional Landscape category of the Fine Art Photography Awards. 

The first photo of this series, The Oger, has been awarded in the Landscape Professional category of the Fine Art Photography Awards. 

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