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Research Statement

 I have long abandoned the

so-called artist label. I consider myself a researcher and that takes form in numerous ways, combining practice and theory. My main field of study is the concept of limit in the two-dimensional image: Where does an image start? Where does it end? How much can you actually take away from it before it disappears completely?...

This is an on-going 15 year research that has developed in numerous photographic projects, my PhD dissertation, several published research papers, conferences, and experimental tests that never saw the light - some of which I will progressively post in the Blog inside this web -.

I specially thanks Mário Peixoto (1908-1992) for being a unwillingly a visonmate. Finding his work made everything had a final sense.

My other study field and way of life is the landscape with an environmental approach. You can see several awarded works about it here, and find me in the mountains if there is not a Pandemic lockdown going on.

Honorable mention in Fine Arts Professional 
Photography category 2020 Chromaticawards
Publicación de "Far away Blue" en "Drawing a Mountain" de Laura F. Gibellini. By Studio Hudson.
Investigación publicada en la web oficial del archivo Mário Peixoto.
Un cruce entre lo poético y lo político para tiempos de conflicto. Archivos de la Filmoteca n.78.



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