Sahara (Dajla Refugee camps in Argelia)

A large population between 90.000 to 165.000 people are leaving in refugee camps in Argelia since more than 40 years ago.

Their situation is vastely forgotten by goverments and politics while they endure the most extreme conditions of lack of food or water (only fed by international aids that arrive every week in trucks).

The Sahara film festival, Fisahara, is a platform to give them a voice into the world, bringing strangers like me to a place that you won't forget.

I spent 7 days living with this amazing people, full of heart and hope, and this pictures are a reminder that they are still waiting to come back to their rightful homes.

Maybe that is why what i profoundly learned in my days there is what family and home means.

You can read a bit more about it here. 



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